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Black-Hearted Bellatrix the Strange Topo

Black-Hearted Bellatrix the Strange

dontbeacoward-deactivated201107 said: ( OOC: What's your MSN i want to continue there. :P )

ooc: verdimilliousbella

dontbeacoward-deactivated201107 said: Who do you think, Bellatrix? My father told him I have a knack for punishments and my brother too..

Then why aren’t you interested? You and I (and your silly brother I suppose) are some of the best of punishers, why don’t you join us?

some new clothes.

some new clothes.

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dontbeacoward-deactivated201107 said: (OOC: Yeah but I'm starting to make her bitter and like a death eater.)

I'm already being hunted for recruitment, Bellyboo... -She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.-

*sighs in frustration* I do hate that stupid nickname. Recruitment for whom? *raises eyebrow*

pr0fess0rmcgonagall said: YOU Will come to my office when I tell you too Bellatrix. I am not playing games with you!!!

Oh Professor, everything is a game to me.

regulus-notreggie said: When should I meet you? McGonagall sounds about ready to go on a headhunt for you.

I can see that. You can meet me now if you wish. (ooc msn?) We’ll go to McGonagall later.

dontbeacoward-deactivated201107 said: I know enough. Enough that it could get me killed.

(ooc isn’t Alecto supposed to be on his side? jw)

*dismissive laughter* then the world would sadly lack one more witch and one more set of veins for magical blood to run through. I doubt you’re in true danger, Carrow. Except from me of course. :)

regulus-notreggie said: I just received an owl from my father, says it's never too early to know what's out there.

Well, my dearest Reggie, if you would like to know more, just come see me in the Astronomy Tower. 

queryingquirrell-deactivated201 said: Bellatrix... much as we all 'appreciate' your infatuation with older men *snickers*; I believe it's time to ask the question deigning to slip off everyone's tongue... how do you know of this Riddle fellow?

My travels during the Hols. *knowing smile*

pr0fess0rmcgonagall said: I am extremely upset with you. Such a good essay and I am forced to score it so lowly.

Perhaps we can figure out a way around that tonight at detention. Perhaps I can do an extra essay or perform difficult non-verbal transfiguration?

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